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13 Hyde Road, Paignton TQ4 5BW, United Kingdom

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    Business Update: Corona (Covid-19) – Open As Usual




    We are receiving a lot of enquiries from concerned customers regarding the Corona virus.

    Our procedures are as follows:

    • Drivers will sanitise hands prior and after handling goods, additionally sanitising any areas where customers goods have come into contact with the vehicle.
    • On Arrival the driver will inform the customer when he is outside for collection.
    • The customer can then leave the item outside for collection by the driver.
    • Driver will photograph the item collected and place it securely in the vehicle.
    • On delivery the same procedure will be adopted; the driver will inform the customer he/she  has arrived and will deposit it safely; the receiver will then collect and inform the driver verbally of their name, driver will record name and time and photograph delivery in situ.
    • We will generate all paperwork electronically to avoid contamination, our procedures are in place to protect our drivers and customers.”

    contact numbers email courier quotes are on our phone 01935314625

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