Courier Pricing & Costs

BHA Couriers strive to ensure a fair price for a job well done, we are confidently able to guarantee the work we do with and refund the customer if not satisfied with the delivery.
We offer many different courier options to suit all budgets and timescale requirements
We are able to maintain competitive rates throughout by keeping our overheads down also reducing drivers’ hours and time on task, Once tasked we ensure the customer is allocated the correct size vehicle and at the right time this negates the need for paying too much for a larger than required vehicle also avoids driver down time where by the driver will arrive at the time booked all these factors assist in the reduction of pricing.

Courier Pricing Details

How we calculate courier pricing

  • Maximum dimensions of the load to include the total weight type of load loose or palletized collection and delivery postcode


  • Collection and delivery postcodes, and any access restrictions there may be.


  • Loading and unloading requirements


  • Time for collection and time for delivery

What you need to know

  • We offer free in transit insurance up to £10,000 and we can increase this, should it be required.


  • Additional charges will be discussed with the customer. Some common charges are waiting time if the collection point and delivery point isn’t ready, unloading and loading by hand if we were informed.


  • You will be informed at the quoting stage as to what has been considered in the quote: Congestion charges Currently London* , Tolls if they are unavoidable.


  • Once you have received a confirmed price via email from us, we will not add any unnecessary additional charges

Mileage shortest route

Our vehicles are charged at a mileage rate shortest route from A to B this avoids additional costs for traffic delays charged per vehicle, we will not charge a return route for the driver.


Services are split into three main categories

Same day normally collected within an hour of booking delivered direct timed as per the customers’ requirements guaranteed, traffic permitting, we provide a dedicated vehicle large enough to collect your goods, protected and secured, the same vehicle will arrive at the delivery point at the agreed time. This is the more expensive service it will suit some customers requiring immediate time sensitive deliveries.


Next day this is a slower option all will remain in the same vehicle; timings will be flexible with a delivery window am / pm we will always ensure customer is informed.


Economy 2-5  day delivery is a cheaper option and goods may well be coloaded with other peoples items it is suitable for all items that don’t have a time pressure.



Payment we will accept bank to bank transfer, credit card payments (2.5% card charge) for long term customers we offer subject to credit check 30 from end of month credit on account. Excellent service at great rates and competitive prices.

*other towns and cities considering some form of traffic charges in the future and at varying stages of planning and implementation to include the following Aberdeen Bath Birmingham Brighton Coventry Derby Dundee Edinburgh Leicester Liverpool Sheffield Tyneside York