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Cost Comparison: Subcontracted Couriers vs. Employed Drivers – A Business Perspective

In the fast-paced logistics and delivery services world, making informed decisions about your courier options is crucial for efficient operations and budget management. Two popular choices are subcontracted couriers such as BHA Couriers and employed drivers, each with its financial implications. This article delves into a detailed cost comparison between these two options, providing insights for businesses to choose according to their needs.

Understanding the Costs

Subcontracted Courier Costs

Daily and Weekly Expenses: Subcontracted couriers typically charge a daily rate. In our example, this rate is £300 per day. For a business needing services three days a week, the weekly cost would amount to £900.

Courier With Digital Tablet Checking Packages In Van Employed Driver Costs

Employed drivers come with different costs, which are more varied and complex than subcontractors.

  1. Salary: Based on an annual wage of £30,000, an employed driver’s hourly rate (assuming 260 working days per year) is approximately £115.38, amounting to a weekly rate of £576.90 for a 5-day workweek.
  2. Fuel Costs: For an employed driver using a vehicle five days a week, the fuel costs are estimated at £50 per day, totalling £250 weekly.
  3. Wear and Tear: The costs for vehicle maintenance, road tax, and depreciation are approximated at £30 daily or £150 weekly.
  4. Holiday and Sick Day Cover: Assuming 28 days of paid leave per year and the necessity for temporary cover at a subcontractor rate of £300/day translates to an additional annual cost of £8,400. The daily equivalent spread over 260 working days, is about £32.31, leading to a weekly equivalent of £161.55.
  5. Additional Employment Costs: These include National Insurance, pensions, etc., assumed to be 25% of the salary, adding up to £28.85 per day or £144.25 weekly.

Total Weekly Costs

  • Employed Driver: Considering all these factors, the total weekly cost is £1,282.70.
  • Subcontracted Courier: For three days per week, the cost is £900.

Analysis: Which is More Cost-Effective?

From a purely financial standpoint, subcontracting appears more cost-effective at £900 per week for three days, compared to the £1,282.70 weekly cost of an employed driver. However, this comparison isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Additional Considerations

Flexibility and Utilisation

The subcontractor’s 3-day workweek might align more with fluctuating demand, offering greater flexibility.

Control and Commitment

An employed driver might offer more control over operations but requires a long-term commitment, which might not be ideal for businesses with variable demand.

Operational Needs

The specific requirements of your business, like the need for daily availability or specialised skills, play a crucial role in this decision.


While subcontracted couriers seem more cost-effective in our scenario, the decision ultimately hinges on your business’s unique operational needs and demand patterns. This comparison should serve as a starting point, encouraging firms to delve deeper into their specific requirements and cost structures for a tailored analysis. Remember, the most effective solution is the one that aligns seamlessly with your operational strategies and long-term objectives.