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Whether you have something important that needs handling legally, a car part to send or a personal package, our couriers can help. We offer more than just same-day delivery or overnight options to meet any need using the best technology, vehicles and tracking options.

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* Minimum price per delivery is £45.00.

Same Day Courier Prices from Leicester

Destination Distance from Leicester (miles) Price From (£)
Leeds 80 72.00
Newcastle on Tyne 160 144.00
Manchester 90 81.00
Liverpool 110 99.00
Birmingham 40 45.00*
London 110 99.00

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Leicester Services, Nationwide Network

The provision of same-day courier delivery by BHA Courier in Leicester is a crucial service that significantly benefits both the business community and individual consumers in this bustling city located in the East Midlands of the UK. In a fast-paced world where time is often of the essence, the ability to reliably and quickly transport items across the city or to other parts of the UK is invaluable.

Business Efficiency and Competitiveness

For businesses in Leicester, BHA Courier’s same-day delivery service is a game-changer. It enables companies to operate with greater efficiency, as they can rely on the rapid transportation of important documents, urgent parcels, and critical components. This efficiency is particularly important in sectors like manufacturing, where just-in-time delivery can be crucial, or in legal and financial services where document delivery times can be critical.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In the realm of customer service, speed and reliability can be a major differentiator. BHA Courier’s same-day service allows businesses to meet, and even exceed, customer expectations. Whether it’s a retail business delivering products to customers on the day of purchase, or service providers sending critical parts for repair and maintenance, the ability to deliver promptly can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Support for Local Economy

Same-day courier services like those offered by BHA Courier in Leicester also play a pivotal role in supporting the local economy. By facilitating swift and efficient logistics, they aid local businesses in maintaining seamless operations. This not only contributes to the economic vitality of the region but also promotes local employment and growth.

Emergency and Healthcare Services

In healthcare and emergency services, the speed of delivery can be literally life-saving. BHA Courier’s same-day service ensures that medical supplies, laboratory samples, or essential documents can be transported swiftly and securely, which can be critical in medical and emergency scenarios.

Environmental Benefits

With a focus on efficiency, same-day courier services can also offer environmental benefits. By optimising delivery routes and reducing the need for multiple trips, these services can contribute to lower emissions. This is increasingly important in urban areas like Leicester, where reducing traffic and pollution is a priority.

Convenience for Individuals

For individuals, the convenience of same-day delivery cannot be overstated. Whether it’s a last-minute gift, an urgent parcel, or important paperwork, the ability to have items delivered on the same day simplifies logistics and provides peace of mind.

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Motorway Connections to Leicester

Leicester, a vibrant city in the East Midlands of the UK, boasts a comprehensive and strategic motorway network that plays a vital role in its connectivity and economic vitality. This network not only facilitates local and national travel but also underpins the city’s position as a key logistical hub in the region.

The M1 Motorway: Leicester’s Main Arterial Route

The M1 motorway is a crucial north-south artery that runs close to Leicester, providing seamless connectivity to major cities across the UK. To the north, it links Leicester with cities like Nottingham and Sheffield, and further up to Leeds and Yorkshire. To the south, the M1 extends towards Northampton, Milton Keynes, and ultimately to London. This motorway is essential for both commercial and private travel, serving as a primary route for commuters, tourists, and freight transport.

The M69: A Vital Connector

The M69 motorway plays a pivotal role in enhancing Leicester’s connectivity. Linking the city directly with Coventry and intersecting the M6, the M69 serves as an important conduit, facilitating easy access to the West Midlands and beyond. This motorway is particularly significant for businesses in Leicester, offering efficient routes for logistics and supply chain operations.

Access to the East: The A46

The A46 trunk road, while not a motorway, is an integral part of Leicester’s transport infrastructure. It provides a direct link to the city of Nottingham to the north and to the M40 motorway towards Warwick and the South East. The A46’s role in connecting Leicester with the East Midlands Airport and the surrounding business parks also adds to its strategic importance.

Local Connectivity: The A6 and A47

Supplementing the motorway network, major roads like the A6 and A47 traverse the city and its outskirts. These roads provide vital links to smaller towns and rural areas around Leicester, enhancing local connectivity and access.

Economic and Logistic Significance

Leicester’s motorway network is a key driver of its economic growth. The city’s strategic location, enhanced by its access to major motorways, positions it as a crucial hub for trade and logistics in the Midlands. The network facilitates the efficient movement of goods and services, supporting local businesses and attracting investment.

Impact on Daily Commute and Lifestyle

For the residents of Leicester, the motorway network significantly eases the daily commute, providing quick and convenient routes to various destinations. This accessibility also enriches the lifestyle in Leicester, offering easy travel for leisure and tourism purposes.

Environmental Considerations

While facilitating transport and economic benefits, there is also an awareness of the environmental impact of motorway traffic. Efforts are being made to manage traffic flow and reduce emissions through better road design and the encouragement of eco-friendly vehicles.

Leicester's Landmarks: A Tapestry of History and Modernity

Leicester, UK – Leicester, a city rich in history and brimming with cultural diversity, is home to an array of landmarks that tell stories from its Roman past to its contemporary achievements. Situated in the heart of England, Leicester’s landmarks are as varied as its history, offering a blend of historical treasures, modern architecture, and vibrant cultural sites. This article explores some of the major landmarks that define Leicester’s unique character.

Leicester Cathedral: A Historic Beacon

Leicester Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Martin, stands at the city’s spiritual and historical heart. This stunning piece of architecture, which dates back over 900 years, gained international fame following the reinterment of King Richard III in 2015. The cathedral, with its Victorian Gothic revival façade and ancient crypt, is not just a place of worship but also a beacon of Leicester’s rich heritage.

The Guildhall: A Glimpse into Medieval Leicester

Adjacent to the cathedral lies The Guildhall, one of the best-preserved timber-framed halls in the country. Dating back to the 14th century, this historic building once served as a town hall and is now a museum. Its timbered rooms and ornate façade offer a fascinating glimpse into medieval Leicester.

The National Space Centre: A Leap into the Cosmos

The National Space Centre, with its iconic rocket tower, is a testament to Leicester’s contributions to space science and astronomy. This award-winning visitor attraction and educational facility offers interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, and real spacecraft, providing an immersive journey through space.

King Richard III Visitor Centre: Unearthing History

Located near the cathedral, the King Richard III Visitor Centre is built on the site of the former Greyfriars Church, where the king’s remains were discovered in 2012. The centre tells the story of Richard III’s life, reign, and the fascinating tale of his rediscovery and reburial.

The Curve Theatre: A Modern Cultural Hub

The Curve Theatre, with its striking curved façade of glass and steel, is a symbol of modern Leicester. This state-of-the-art theatre hosts a range of performances from plays and musicals to dance and opera, reflecting the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Jewry Wall: Echoes of Roman Leicester

The Jewry Wall, one of Leicester’s most significant Roman remains, is part of the ancient Roman town’s public baths. This impressive structure, along with the adjacent museum, offers a window into Leicester’s Roman history and archaeological heritage.

Abbey Park: A Green Retreat

Abbey Park, with the picturesque ruins of Leicester Abbey and the 17th-century Cavendish House, is a serene escape from the urban bustle. This beautiful park, with its riverside walks, ornamental gardens, and historic features, provides a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

The Clock Tower: A Historic Landmark

The Clock Tower, located at the intersection of five busy streets, has been a central meeting point in Leicester since 1868. This historic structure, with its four statues of Leicester’s benefactors, is a familiar and beloved landmark in the city.